We don’t just create brands, we create icons

We help companies reconfigure their brand’s DNA, making it more relevant, more competitive.

We create effective and dazzling shopping experiences and spaces through our in-depth understanding of our markets and the retail environment.

Delivering a single message
from different angles

Imago offers turnkey projects - in fashion, luxury, beauty, and at retail level.

Our complete set of integrated marketing communication services provides you with a one-stop marketing shop that ensures your message is coherent and empowers your brand wherever it will be seen and purchased.

We believe that every brand has its own DNA

A brand is a concept, a point of view, a way of life – a story that must be told and continually reinvented.

We start a new type of dialogue with consumers

Each point of contact becomes a new, organic and evolving conversation – one dedicated to delivering a rewarding brand experience.

Instead of deploying content that simply follows a global creative platform, we choose to profile each consumer segment of a brand and to surprise them with messages that are entertaining, fun and that speak to their hopes and values.

We reinvent event strategy

We are creators of immersive experiences that generate conversational content.

We develop and launch surprising and captivating brand experiences – all to entertain the consumer.


Position Mail Champlain as THE shopping destination for South Shore families, with an event strategy leveraging an annual schedule of unique and entertaining activities


Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, we transformed the central court into a giant green maze, which featured a virtual egg hunt. With the help of an app downloaded onto their smartphones, participants had to find hidden winning eggs. They could also win instant prizes when they filled their cart. This was an extraordinary installation and the deployment heart of a 360 event that transformed a traditional shopping trip into a fun and interactive experience!


During the Easter weekend, the event reached 95% of the mall’s family customers, reflecting a significant increase in traffic. Creating memorable for young and older alike, the Easter rendez-vous (RDV) measured a social reach of more than 90k, in addition to generating a 35% upswing in the Facebook community. And this was all accomplished in a very limited amount of time

We create strong emotional ties with the consumer

This 360 strategic approach generates a deep sense of ownership with the brand.

We generate results

No matter how we breathe life into a marketing approach, our goal remains the same: to create an impact.


Clearly position Place Montréal Trust as THE Montréal discovery destination for millenials, confirming the centre’s editorial point of view.


Conceived, developed and directed by the Imago team, the event strategy, “Montréal style, as seen by its Enfants Terribles” (unconventional influencers), is a concept offering a series of extraordinary events. Famous artistic personalities were invited to act as trend editors, launching inspiring “take overs”. Each point of contact quickly became a creative opportunity and tool for the invited personalities, whose influence was felt throughout Place Montréal Trust as they pulled focus to what they felt best represented Montréal’s culture and style.

In order to create a vial buzz on social media, an escalating consumer engagement strategy was put in place, generating conversational content. To accomplish this, the centre was completely transformed and had entertainment during these inspiring and creative evenings. Fashion, art and music put everyone in the right mood and allowed participants to enjoy completely immersive experiences.


The event featuring Denis Gagnon, the “enfant terrible” of fashion, was the recipient of the 2015 ICSC GOLD Award. At this take over event, we achieved a reach of more than 15 million in media coverage as well as an increase of more than 45% in target engagement – all while creating social buzz with #EnfantsTerribles.

These events have brought our client significant recognition in their industry, especially considering the current rise of e-commerce, which pushes us to constantly reinvent the shopping centre experience.

A strategic approach to creative success

At Imago, strategy and creativity are one. We make sure we always think outside the box and find a unique positioning – one that will put our client “in the zone” for optimal impact.

We transform the commercial environment

We create effective and dazzling shopping experiences and spaces through our in-depth understanding of our markets and the retail environment.

We initiate the “value of experience” as an element of differentiation

The only real differentiator for brands is in the experience they promise – It’s “how” you do what you do, as opposed to the “what” you do